Asian Games 2018: Indonesia is ready to host the sport event

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guest article

Indonesia, the host country of the Asian Games 2018, will see various sporting events taking place in Jakarta and Palembang. The two big cities which are respectively located in the special capital district and South Sumatra will have the honor to organize this multinational event.

But we wonder whether hosting such events would be beneficial for the country’s social and economic progress. On this, let’s discuss the various the positive aspects of having international sporting like the Asian Games 2018 event for the country.

National branding

If Indonesia were to successfully host the Asian Games 2018, it will arguably boost the country’s brand. There will be great publications across many countries in Asia. These international publications can serve as a soft promotion tool that will enhance the reputation and positive image of Indonesia to the world.

Regarding national branding, the government is aimed at promoting some of the unique animals of the country through the mascots. Throughout the sporting event, Indonesia wants the rest of the world to see how diverse, beautiful and unique Indonesia really is.

Tourism boost

If the Asian Games 2018 runs smoothly and successfully, it will no doubt boost tourism in Indonesia, which in the long run will positively impact the economy of the country. There will be visitors, be it athletes, guests of honors and spectators, from the participating countries coming to Indonesia and enjoying the games. It is also likely that there will be visitors from non-participating countries who are interested in watching the games.

Indonesia has been promoting its unrivalled natural beauty. This effort is expected to generate fruitful results when the Asian Games takes place. Visitors will, hopefully, visit other regions across the archipelago to marvel at their beauties and admire the unique culture of the locals.

More business opportunities

Still from the economical stand point, the  Indonesian potential, particularly the regions holding the events (South Sumatra and Jakarta), will hopefully benefit from increased business opportunities. The government is planning to organize business seminars and special events that showcase the creations of the locals during the Asian Games 2018. It is hoped that by attending the seminars and exhibitions, the locals can show their creativity, which will attract investors to invest or enterpreneurs to form business collaboration with the locals.

Rapid infrastructure development

This benefit is definitely enjoyed by both cities, especially Palembang. For example, the biggest infrastructure development in Palembang is the Light Rail Transit (LRT) is under construction and the construction is expected to be completed before the Asian Games 2018 takes place. After the event ends, the residents of Palembang can enjoy taking the LRT to commute.

Morale  boost

Socially, hosting such international event is expected to boost the morale of the people. For instance, the Asian Games 2018 may induce a change in the people’s lifestyle. Through the games, the government may want to encourage people to have a healthier lifestyle by encouraging them to walk or bike to work instead of driving cars.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that the Indonesian government budgeted tremendous amount of money, reportedly Rp. 30 trillion, for this multinational event, it is best not to not only ponder about the immediate short-term effect. In other words, we have to also consider the potential long term effects, including the potential benefits and downsides that this event could bring in the future.

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