AirAsia Increases Flight Frequency in Lombok

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AirAsia flight in Indonesia
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AirAsia Indonesia increases the frequency of flights for the Lombok-Jakarta route to 14 times per week from 7 times previously. 

The airline from the neighboring country also serves the Lombok-Surabaya route with a frequency of 4 times per week. In December 2020 AirAsia has provided a capacity of more than 10,000 seats for flights to and from Lombok.

 “The meeting with the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara is a continuation of the cooperation between AirAsia and the West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Government which has been started for a long time,” said Veranita in her written statement, Friday (4/12/2020).

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Veranita added that in October and November AirAsia had flown 187 flights to and from Lombok with the occupancy rate for several flights in November reaching 70 percent according to the maximum capacity set by the government. 

The number of AirAsia passengers visiting Lombok has also nearly doubled in the past two months, and is expected to continue to increase in December. 

“We are sure that we will both rise again from the current situation by continuing to work together, making joint promotional efforts for the products and services of tourism industry players, not only hotels but supporting products such as activities, transportation, and others, to encourage and accelerate the economic recovery of the community ,” he said. 

On that occasion AirAsia also held an introduction to potential cooperation between the platform and hotels in Lombok.

By joining more hotels on the platform customers will be able to easily combine direct AirAsia flight bookings with hotels offered as packages at attractive prices. 

Customers can also purchase hotels separately by adding hotels to their ticket, or buying hotels without plane tickets. 

“We hope that this synergy between Lombok and the platform will result in attractive price offers so as to increase the attractiveness of Lombok to AirAsia’s million customer base spread across various cities, and contribute positively to the number of visits to Lombok,” he said.

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