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A Hidden World

The hidden world of adventure and wilderness in Indonesia’s Sumba Island, where panoramas are blue and nature is untamed.

Sumba was rather dormant for many centuries, which is why it is still intact and relatively unknown in the tourism sector. Five years ago, the Indonesian government decided to grow the tourism industry in Sumba to relieve the overcrowded and over-polluted Bali. New infrastructure and investments started flooding into the island while protecting and sustaining its authenticity.

The government has plans for this green jewel to become the first ecologic island of the world, and investments in solar panel farms and wind tribune parks are being made. Sumba’s economy is now heading steadily into growth.

Sumba is still mostly without buildings and constructions. Lands on market are wide and still sold by HECTARE (10,000m2) not by ARA (100m2) like on other islands.

Prices are still very affordable compared to Bali or Flores for instance, but they are increasing extremely quickly and many investors are keen to invest their money in this island as it is forecast to be one of the next booming wonders of Indonesia.

land properties in Sumba

Tambolaka Airport

Weekuri Lake

Kampung Tarung

Waingapu International Airport

Nihi Sumba Resort

Wairinding Hill

Tanggedu Waterfall

Haladu Kudu Beach

Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park

Makawini Beach

Sumba is a developing destination, which is part of its current rustic charm. Without a fully established infrastructure, road networks remain rustic, and subsequent accommodation and services basic, and suited to adventurers seeking unspoiled charm.

It currently attracts around 10,000 tourists each year, a number set to increase as property development sets in, providing quality accommodation and amenities. 

However, its an island that is ripe for careful development, that enhances opportunities for locals and maximises its unique features and rugged coastline that is laced with exquisite charm in the form of untouched bays, lagoons and surf spots.

Sumba is the perfect island for tourism. It has beautiful landscapes, amazing beaches, the best waves, and such a rich culture an history. 

A key part of its new infrastructure is Tambolaka Airport, which has recently undergone an expansion to its runway, including the addition of lighting required for night flights to the territory. 





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