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When it comes to travel and finding the best destination overseas, most of us conjure up images of perfection, as an island, surrounded by turquoise waters, glistening white sand, unique tastes, sun, sea, surf and interesting local cultures to get up close to. Welcome to the vibe of Indonesia.

Zooming into just one part of the nations 17,000 islands, let us go to the western most shores of Lombok and its three island neighbours, the Gili’s, a stone’s throw away from this exceptional developing holiday destination.

Senggigi is a land of sensations, an early morning swim with turtles, a dip into an aquamarine world where you don’t even have to put on snorkel gear to get a taster of the marine wonders below. Water visibility here is key to offering some of the most fulfilling snorkelling and diving sites. Sand around this coast and on the Gili’s is unlike anywhere else in the world. Snow white yet textured, centuries of crushed shale and coral, soft under-foot and mesmerising to the senses.

Lombok Northwest map

Gili Trawangan

Gili Meno

Gili Air

Bangsal Harbour

Senggigi beach

Malimbu Hill


Monkey Forest

This is a perfect stage setting for some of the most awe-inspiring scenery you will ever see, with sherbet-pink and tangerine-orange sunsets, punctuated by every shade of blue. This is the stuff that holiday dreams are made of, uber-chill – a view needing nothing more than you, fresh coconut in hand, letting life swing by as you relax in this hammock of adventure.

This megadiverse land of unique flora and fauna will leave you speechless. A place where you can be happily marooned on a sandbank, miles from anywhere, where you get to be Robinson Crusoe for an afternoon, shipwrecked in paradise.

One of the most popular pastimes in Lombok is exploring marine life, be it with scuba gear, a snorkel or merely a pair of goggles.There are diving options suitable for all levels of experience, from beginner to expert, so come dip your toes in — the water is lovely!
northwest lombok
northwest lombok
northwest lombok
northwest lombok
northwest lombok
northwest lombok
northwest lombok

Gili Islands

Senggigi Beach

Malimbu Hill

Monkey Forest

Banyumulek Village

Meru Hindu Temple


  • Gili Islands
  • Senggigi Beach
  • Malimbu Hill
  • Monkey Forest
  • Banyumulek Village
  • Meru Hindu Temple
  • Mataram


Land specification

The plots are located on and around Senggigi and the notorious Gili Islands. Senggigi is a long-term resort destination with the town spreading along almost 10km of coastal road that continues onto the port for the northern Gili Islands. The Gili islands hardly need an introduction and the area is experiencing a wave of interest from tourists worldwide.

We find undervalued plots of land for our clients, meeting all the criteria developers look for such as proximity to the airport, beaches and the Mandalika project, ground suitability, access, drainage and surrounding scenery; thus creating an opportunity for substantial upside-potential.

Basic Infrastructure

  • Main Road Access
  • Water Access
  • Electricity Facility
  • Villa Development


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