When it comes to overseas travel, the image often conjured up is one of a perfect island surrounded by turquoise waters, powdery white sand, sun, sea, surf, interesting local culture, and unique tastes you can’t find at home. Northwest Lombok – and its three neighbouring islands – tick all the boxes.

Indonesia may have approximately 17,000 islands, yet few are as well-known as the Gili Islands, a trio of paradise islands located just a short boat ride away from Lombok’s mainland.

Elsewhere, the western region of Senggigi is full of unforgettable experiences, including the chance to snorkel with turtles. Water visibility here is key to offering some of the most fulfilling snorkelling and diving sites in Southeast Asia. Coastal sands here, as well as the beaches on the Gilis is a beautiful mix of snow-white powder mixed with centuries of eroded shale and coral – soft under-foot and mesmerising to the senses.

Northwest Lombok is the perfect setting to take in some of the most incredible sunsets: imagine, sherbet-pink and tangerine-orange streaks punctuated by every shade of blue. This is the stuff holiday dreams are made of and with infrastructure in place to let you enjoy in comfort, you need nothing more than a fresh coconut in hand as you lay in one of plentiful hammocks.

This mega-diverse land of unique flora and fauna will leave you speechless. A place where you can imagine being shipwrecked in paradise; marooned on a sandbank, miles from anywhere; Robinson Crusoe for an afternoon. 

One of the most popular pastimes in Lombok is exploring marine life, be it with scuba gear, a snorkel or merely a pair of goggles. There are diving options suitable for all levels of experience, from beginner to expert, so come dip your toes in — the water is lovely!
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The plots are located on and around Senggigi and the notorious Gili Islands. Senggigi is a long-term resort destination with the town spreading along almost 10km of coastal road that continues onto the port for the northern Gili Islands, which have experienced a wave of interest from tourists worldwide in recent years.

We find undervalued plots of land for our clients, meeting all the criteria shrewd investors and intelligent developers look for, such as proximity to the airport, beaches, and nearby tourist attractions; ground suitability in terms of access and drainage; and enviable panoramic views. By meeting these criteria, we are able to offer plots with substantial upside potential.

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