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Pascho Wong

operations director

Pascho Wong is the operations director at Invest Islands, where he has been managing both Hong Kong and Indonesia offices for over 2 years.

After graduated from UNSW, Pascho worked as an engineer for a company involved in multinational projects. He also worked for companies as business development managers. He has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of business development in the financial and wealth management industry.

At his free time, he likes to travel the whole world.

Nathasha Moersjid

chief operations officer

Tony Yeung

operations MANAGER

A very passionate and hard-working member of the team with a strong commitment to Invest Islands, administrative assistant Tony helps with a range of essential daily tasks including ensuring payslips are sent out on time. Armed with a passion for storytelling, he has been publishing online since 2010.

He understands the power of creating engaging content to increase brand awareness around the world. Before starting with Invest Islands, he worked for five years as a freelancer for real estate and medical companies in Canada.

In his spare time, he enjoys photography, travel and animal videos.

Dana Kotahatuhaha

operations manager
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