Pascho Wong

operations director

Pascho Wong is the operations director at Invest Islands, where he has been managing both Hong Kong and Indonesia offices for over 2 years.

After graduated from UNSW, Pascho worked as an engineer for a company involved in multinational projects. He also worked for companies as business development managers. He has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of business development in the financial and wealth management industry.

At his free time, he likes to travel the whole world.

Nathasha Moersjid


Jakarta-born Nathasha has more than a decade of international experience working in the field of architecture and landscape development. With a BA in Architecture from Bali’s Udayana University, she has worked on projects in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, India and Malta, as well as countless five star resorts projects in indonesia and asia. 

In her previous role as Chief Operations Officer of a large-scale land developer in Lombok, she handled the entire operational aspect of the company. With Invest Islands, her focus is more geared towards securing the functionality of business to drive extensive and sustainable growth.. In her leisure time, she enjoys swimming, sewing, reading, and helping other people learn.

Dana Kotahatuhaha

operations manager

Dana holds a BA in International Relations from UMY in Indonesia and a Masters in Management and Marketing from University College Cork in Ireland. Having worked for international organisations such as the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, the Central Bank of Ireland, and Cpl Facebook, Dana’s expertise spans business communication and international relations, as well as strategic planning, public relations, and policy analysis. 

Having joined Invest Islands in 2020, she is responsible to orchestrating overall strategies of both internal and external communications and works closely with senior management to bridge communications between Indonesia and Hong Kong, as well as looking after client requests. In her leisure time, she enjoys boating, parasailing, foosball, and traveling.

Ilyas Najim

Assets Manager

Morocco-born Ilyas graduated in International business and management and corporate finance from Inseec Business School In Paris. He worked for more than seven years in the real estate and finance industry, where he occupied the position of asset manager. 

Ilyas mainly focused on finding and sourcing real estate opportunities all across Europe and was responsible for monitoring property performance and maximising property revenue for his clients. During four years working with BNP Paribas REIM France and a further two years working for a value added investment fund in Paris, he had the opportunity to manage more than €1 billion of real estate assets. Ilyas likes travelling, cruising with motorbikes, mma training but also meditation and yoga.

Tony Yeung

Administrative Assistant

A very passionate and hard-working member of the team with a strong commitment to Invest Islands, administrative assistant Tony helps with a range of essential daily tasks including ensuring payslips are sent out on time. Armed with a passion for storytelling, he has been publishing online since 2010.

He understands the power of creating engaging content to increase brand awareness around the world. Before starting with Invest Islands, he worked for five years as a freelancer for real estate and medical companies in Canada.

In his spare time, he enjoys photography, travel and animal videos.

Nyoman Mertha Yasa

Finance & Accounting Manager

Yasa graduated in Accounting from Mataram University before gaining valuable experience working as an accountant with a Lombok Property Group. Specialising in real estate budgeting and finance, he brings to Invest Island. Yasa is also a trained teacher, enabling him to clearly and concisely help other team members improve their understanding of often complex matters. In his spare time, he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his young daughter, as well as reading, farming and taking care of cattle.


HRGA associate

With a BA in English Training and Education from  Muhammadiyah University of Mataram, Suhaili has worked in the front office of many luxury resorts, including Bulan Baru Hotel in Senggigi, the Koko Resort on Gili Gede and the Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club. With experience in both hospitality and human resources, Suhaili specialises in coordinating the office daily operations, administrative tasks, and HR duties for Invest Islands. Passionate about Football and sports in general he likes to travel around Lombok