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Anas Moukhlis

MARKETING director

Born & raised in Milan with a Moroccan background, Anas has been a versatile part of Invest Islands since its inception in 2016. He studied ancient Latin and Greek before getting hands-on experience in the world of sales and PR in Milan’s most famous nightlife spots. Working as far and wide as London and Sydney, Anas developed his English language skills, adding to his proficiency in Italian, French, Spanish and Arabic. A degree in International Sales and Marketing at the University College of Northern Denmark in Aalborg, along with a Masters in International Business Management from SeoulTech National University in Seoul, South Korea, armed him with the toolkit to head up Invest Islands’ marketing team.

Passionate about travel, and wholeheartedly involved in the Invest Islands Foundation, he’s committed to making Invest Islands a unique worldwide brand.

Gary Meenaghan


Born & raised in 

Bumi Zaenal Abidin


Born and raised in Bali, Bumi moved to Lombok early in his career and taught himself the skills required to improve website search engine optimisation. He attended weekly Google SEO and SEM seminars in Bali for close to a year before joining Invest Islands to assist the digital marketing team with SEO on-page and off-page.  After work, he enjoys watching football, improving his financial understanding, and studying Japanese.

I Putu Riski


Putu graduated in Information Technology with a concentration on Business Intelligence Systems from the University of ITB STIKOM Bali in his native Bali. Before joining Invest Islands in January 2020, he worked in the engineering department of the Intercontinental Hotels Group. Administrating databases related to asset management, his efficiency with evolving technologies makes him a vital member of the team in Lombok. Putu is determined to help drive business in the global markets through digital transformation and the use of the latest comprehensive technology.

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