Lalu Adi Gunawan


Originally from Lombok, Lalu Adigunawan initially worked for three Russian investors, helping them identify, buy, develop and later sell land across Indonesia. While enjoying the work and the prospect of being a useful team member, he most enjoyed researching his native land and ensuring his island of birth was not left behind as other regions grew. 

After joining the Due Diligence department at Invest Islands in 2015, he coordinate various tasks related to the maintenance and improvement in the due diligence platform and procedures, including providing advice on inquiries about due diligence, and train and guide employees and business partners on the due diligence process. He also takes great pride in helping demonstrate that his native land is safe, comfortable, and welcoming to anyone.

Bima Arioseno


After graduating with a law degree from the University of Udayana in Bali, Bima Arioseno gained experience at several local law firms before taking his first overseas post at Raffles Design Institute in Singapore.

On his return, Bima worked in Jakarta for the government-owned real-estate company, WIKA Realty, in the legal and marketing teams. In this role, he met Kevin Deisser and joined Invest Islands with the goal of collecting and tidying up company legal data, tracing land issues, gathering information from the community and finding the best solutions to aid the due diligence team.

Lalu Basarudin


A Lombok native, Anton worked at the notary office of Nurjadi SH. MKn for seven years before joining Invest Islands in 2017. Now holding the role of Legal Advisor within the Due Diligence department, he takes care of all documentation related to foreign ownership purchases.