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Growing up in French-speaking Belgium, Kevin Deisser discovered the benefits of global living while studying Economics at the University of Granada in Spain during his early 20s. The ability of an outsider to find value that locals cannot see fascinated him and after finishing his Masters in Business Management back in Liège, he wasted no time returning to Spain in 2012 to create his first start-up, a niche importation business.

The financial crisis led to Amazon recruiting his help to get SMEs from across Europe back on their feet, helping them online and gradually improving profit margins. It was in 2014, however, that life changed when he Marriott International offered him the chance to be a key part of their international sales team in Mallorca. Providing a first taste of working in the hospitality sector, he quickly recognised the key ingredients required to help clients profit from luxury real estate.

Now armed with industry experience and the ability to see value where others don’t, he dedicated himself to researching the Asian property market, spending six months travelling the region meeting with local and foreign investors, construction firms, management companies, regulators, and government officials. After absorbing all the information he could, he launched Invest Islands in 20XX, selecting a remote island called Lombok as his base due to its huge potential for international growth.

Within X years, Lombok had expanded rapidly, its airport welcoming flights from Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Seoul. That pace of development soon spread into real estate, resulting in a string of successful land sales and ultimately requiring Kevin to open a second office and recruit a business partner to ease the load.

While Jack Brown now shifts between Hong Kong and Lombok dealing with international clients, Kevin remains in Indonesia focusing on the land purchasing and sourcing plots with high potential for substantial returns. Leveraging an experienced team of local lawyers, former notaries, and brokers, he continues to oversee the entire purchasing process, using his know-how of the local markets to select land for development. He has even taught himself the local language, Bahasa Indonesia.

As Invest Islands continues to grow and offer new products and transparent services to its clients, Kevin is excited about plans to develop more villa complexes and resorts as well as expand the company’s reach into new regions within the country. He is also immensely proud of the positive social impact within local communities that the newfound Invest Islands Foundation is having.

Still passionate about exploring remote parts of Indonesia, he uses his free time to reconnect with friends and family while playing tennis and football in the local Lombok community.

Enter Jack Brown, who Kevin met working in Mallorca years earlier, the missing piece needed to bring the company to the next level. While Jack handles international sales from the office in Hong Kong, Kevin is on the ground in Lombok, purchasing real estate with the highest potential for substantial returns. Kevin leverages an experienced team of local lawyers, ex-notaries, and brokers, along with his investment nouse and commitment to due diligence, to select land for development and taking ownership of the entire process.

“The Lombok and Sumba property markets remain very active compared to the rest of Indonesia,” Kevin reveals, adding, “We are continuing to launch new developments across the two islands, focussing on a rapid ROI and with expansion into new sub-regions to spruce up targets and drive up returns. This is reflected year after year, with 80 per cent of our investors continuing to recommend us to their personal network.”

As the business continues to grow, offering lucrative products and transparent services to its investors, Kevin is excited about plans to develop more villa complexes and resorts to expand the brand’s reach to new booming regions within the archipelago. And he is immensely proud as Invest Islands continues to work with local contractors to create a positive social impact within local communities.

Personal life

Kevin remains passionate about exploring remote parts of Indonesia and uses his time off to reconnect with friends and family back home and exercise a bit of friendly competition playing tennis and football.

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