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At Invest Islands, we are committed to the success of our clients’ investments as much as the outstanding potential offered in Lombok


Our knowledge of the Indonesian market, coupled with a respected local presence in the Lombok community, allows us to present unique and exciting opportunities. Our high level of commitment and comprehensive experience enables us to offer a full suite of professional services including lawyers, accountants, notaries, architects, contractors and brokers.


Our objective is to achieve optimum results for our clients while maintaining liquidity within the market. This is achieved by providing good value for end users and developers. Our core beliefs are based on providing a sustainable, realistic approach to a growing investment market.


Our business model combines continuous up-to-date statistical analysis of economic trends in land and real estate in Indonesia, so that on behalf of our clients, we have our finger on the pulse, so we can deal with any change or opportunity that could affect ownership structure in a way that maximizes profit.  Our goal is to deliver, secure and affordable financial products through property investments with an approach that bridges the booming asset value of land in Lombok, with Hong Kong’s regulations and compliance, creating a safe way to tap into the market while maximizing R.O.I.

Our Mission

Our knowledge of local processes gives us the know-how to bring basic infrastructure to plots, using our inhouse architects, who work to find ways to best utilize plots in view of potential resale value. We complete this process prior to marketing land to investors with the aim of providing an end-to-end service – from sourcing – right through to making investments on your behalf.

Our Vision

Our aim is to find undervalued plots of land for our clients, which meet all the criteria developers typically look for, such as proximity to the airport, beaches, the Mandalika project, with features such as ground suitability, access, drainage and quality scenery. Our vision then, is to do this in a way that is sustainable, by working with locals to buy and sell land for both foreign investment and development, in a way that is fair and not exploitative to local communities nor the environment.

Our Licence

Here at Invest Islands, we have established, through significant time and resources, the correct legal structure to ensure full compliance with Indonesian foreign ownership laws as well as Hong Kong (commonwealth) investment regulations.


PMA translates as a ‘Foreign Investment Company’ and is recognized by the Indonesian government as a legal entity.


The foreign investor can purchase land through the PMA and have direct legal control over the company and its business activities.


  • HAK PAKAI = Right to Use
  • HAK GUNA BANGUNAN = Right to Build
  • HAK MILIK = Right to Own


PMA offers the best solution for foreign investors in terms of the legality, cost and peace of mind.

our client testimonials

“Thank you to Invest Islands for their professionalism and the quality of their services. Promises kept, 32% profit in 22 months - banks can not compete against that! Happy to have trusted you. I encourage all my friends to trust them too.”
“Thank you Invest Islands for their professionalism and customer service, its been a pleasure to do business with you. I got a return over my investment of 44% over 33 months, which is a fantastic rate if you compare it with most investment products! Thank you for keeping your word, I really recommend this to anyone who is looking to invest.”
“I would like to recommend Invest Islands as they sold my plot of land in Lombok with 35.6% in just over 2 years. Thank you Kevin Deisser and his team in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Denmark!”

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