About Us

At Invest Islands, we are as committed to the success of our clients’ investments as we are convinced in the outstanding potential in Lombok


Our knowledge of the Indonesian market coupled with an established local presence and award-winning designs, allows us to present unique opportunities to our clients in some of the most beautiful locations in the country.


Our objective is to achieve optimum results for clients while maintaining market liquidity. This is achieved by providing ongoing value for end-users as well as developers. With expert understanding of a growing investment market, we offer a full suite of professional services, from architects and accountants to lawyers, notaries, and contractors.


With offices in Lombok, Bali, Perth and Hong Kong, we aim to secure and deliver affordable financial products through property investment. We combine the booming asset value of Indonesian land with Hong Kong’s regulations and compliance, creating a safe way to tap into a burgeoning market while maximising return on investment.

Our Mission

To provide premium plots of land to investors, be it for development or land-banking. By providing an end-to-end service – from initial sourcing, design, construction, management and through to resell – our team are with you every step of the way.

Our Vision

At Invest Islands, we find undervalued plots of land that meet the key criteria developers look for – ground suitability; access; drainage; close proximity to the airport, beaches and popular points of interest – and then offer it to our clients at a price that provides ample opportunity for substantial upside-potential. We do this in a way that is respectful of local communities and environmentally sustainable, by working with locals to buy and sell plots for both foreign investment and development. 

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Our Licence

Invest Islands is a fully licensed real estate investment company, meaning we can trade land for and on behalf of international clients without the need for a local nominee.

The company has spent significant time and resources in order to establish the correct legal structure to ensure full compliance with Indonesian foreign ownership laws, as well as Hong Kong (commonwealth) investment regulations.


PMA is the local term for ‘Foreign Investment Company’ and is recognised by the Indonesian Government as a legal entity.


The foreign investor can purchase land through the PMA and have direct legal control over the company and its business activities.


  • HAK PAKAI = Right to Use
  • HAK GUNA BANGUNAN = Right to Build
  • HAK MILIK = Right to Own


PMA offers the best solution for foreign investors in terms of legality, cost, and peace of mind.

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