2nd Pre-Summit Y20 Indonesia 2022 Focus on Youth Inclusion and Innovation in Digital Governance

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guest article


The issue of youth inclusion and innovation in digital governance dominated discussions among delegates and panelists at the 2nd Pre-KTT Youth 20 (Y20) Indonesia 2022, which took place on Sunday (24/4/2022) in Lombok.

As many know, digital transformation is one of the priority issues of Y20 Indonesia 2022. At this forum, Y20 invited delegates to discuss the roles and challenges faced by youth amid advances in digital technology. This is also in line with the agenda of the Indonesian G20 Presidency, which also raises digital transformation as one of the priority issues.

Youth’s role is crucial in the development of digital solutions ranging from ride-hailing apps to healthcare services. Simultaneously, young people face a variety of challenges, ranging from gaps in internet infrastructure to digital literacy and skills. Unfortunately, they are rarely involved in the development of digital economy policies.

Meutya Hafid, Chairman of the First Commission of the House of Representatives, emphasized the importance of increasing digital literacy among youth and regulations related to digital governance in her keynote speech.

“Indonesia faces a challenge in terms of digital literacy. We have constructed the infrastructure, but we must also develop digital literacy to reap the benefits of the digital world, especially for the younger generation” Meutya explained.

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“Digital development without digital governance is ineffective. The existence of digital governance regulations can help to advance the digital economy. Personal data protection regulations, for example, are expected to boost consumer trust in digital transactions “She continued.

Meanwhile, Lesly Goh, Senior Technology Advisor at the World Bank, stated, “Youth empowerment must be at the center of policy formulation as we move towards recovery and create a more equitable future for all.”

On the same occasion, Setiaji, as Assistant Minister of Health for Health Technology, urged young people to take the lead in developing technological innovations, particularly in the health sector.

Meanwhile, Bonifasius Wahyu Pudjianto, Director of Informatics Empowerment at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, appreciated the 2nd Pre-Summit of the Y20 Indonesia.

“I’d like to highlight the collaboration between the G20 Digital Economic Working Group (DEWG) and the Y20, particularly in the areas of cross-border data flow, digital skills, and literacy. Furthermore, we know that this issue can significantly aid in the elimination of various barriers associated with the digital industry ” Pudjianto elaborated.

“Eventually, connectivity and recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic, where the startup industry and venture capital work together to form new economic forces, the majority of which come from young people, to create a better world,” he added.

The 2nd Y20 Pre-Summit Forum also presented Angus Barry, the Digital Product Manager of the United Kingdom Government Digital Service.

Angus discussed how the UK e-government portal GOV.UK has successfully integrated over 2,000 government sites into a single domain. He also spoke about how to encourage young people, particularly those with strong digital skills, to work in the government sector.

“To encourage more young people with digital skills to work in government, we need to create a suitable career path. IT is not the only career option; there are also UX developers and others.” Angus explained.

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