100 Triathlon Athletes Will Test the Mandalika Circuit, before WSBK

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guest article

A total of 100 triathlon athletes will run around the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit on the control track in the HK Endurance Challenge.

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Hutama Karya Endurance Challenge is ready to be held in NTB. This event, which combines three sports, will certainly be attended by 100 athletes.

“60 are Indonesian citizens, 40 are foreigners but they do live in Indonesia,” said Head of the NTB Tourism Office (Dispar) H Yusron Hadi.

Yusron said that the event will start on October 15-17. All participants will start the race from Gili Air in North Lombok. A total of 100 triathlon athletes will swim for about two kilometers to the mainland of Lombok Island on Sire Beach.

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During the swim, Dispar NTB together with North Lombok Regency (KLU) prepared the Gendang Beleq attraction. Which will accompany and encourage the athletes from the boat.

After arriving at Sire Beach, all athletes will cycle Through the tourist area of ​​Senggigi, West Lombok, passing through the city of Mataram and entering the BIL ( Lombok International Airport ) bypass road, then heading to the Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ), in Central Lombok.

Yusron said that in Mandalika the participants would run 20 kilometers. What is special, the running track is in the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit area. A total of 100 athletes will run by taking the control track.

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“It doesn’t fit on the circuit track, but on the control track, the road beside the track,” explained Yusron.

With the planned race route, Yusron believes this sports tourism event will be interesting. Many tourist destinations will be traversed 100 percent. What is seen along the race route is expected to create an unforgettable impression. Especially when the Gendang Beleq treats, from Gili Air to Sire Beach.

“We want to make it interesting to make an impression on the participants and those who come to watch,” he said.

Yusron ensured that there were 100 triathlon athletes who were ready to compete. The HK Endurance Challenge Lombok 2021 is said to be a verification of proving that Lombok Sumbawa is ready to open a destination for foreign and domestic tourists.

The government’s job is to ensure that the area visited by tourists is free from COVID. Therefore, 100 athletes will undergo quarantine first and have their health checked, whether they have been exposed to Covid or not.

“Discipline of health protocols remains our concern, so that NTB remains conducive and tourism events are successful,” he said.

Article source : https://lombokpost.jawapos.com/ntb/12/10/2021/sebelum-wsbk-100-atlet-triathlon-akan-jajal-sirkuit-mandalika/

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